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Career Coaching Process

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Here’s what you can expect in my tested Career Coaching Process that will shift your career from confused to confident!

job search strategy

Career Clarity

Confused about your next career move? Start here. I’ll dig deep to uncover your unique talents and gain clarity with your career goals. Then, I’ll create a thorough plan with achievable steps to transition you toward the position of your dreams.

career story

Career Story

Master the story of your previous experience and create a networking-ready bio that prepares you for other key steps in your job search journey. We’ll work together so you can confidently create professional summaries on your resume, Linkedin profile, and networking openers. You’ll even be able to answer the dreaded “Tell me about yourself” question during interviews.


Resume Makeover

Whatever the state of your resume, we’ll create one that captures your talents so you stand out no matter the industry. With over 15 years of talent acquisition experience, I create resumes that pass recruiters and managers ‘sniff test’ and ensure your document doesn’t get “chewed up” by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


Cover Letter Writing

Though a cover letter isn’t always requested–your resume and Linkedin profile usually steal the show–it’s still important to have one. Often, they aren’t read by the initial recruiter, but if you’re shortlisted for a role, the hiring manager will probably read it. Rather than delay your job search, we’ll create a cover letter in advance, so you can knock their socks off.


Linkedin Makeover

Your Linkedin profile speaks for you in today’s job search. A killer profile will receive messages from peers and recruiters presenting relevant opportunities. An impressive profile is your opportunity to tell your career story in a compelling, highly-searchable way. I want you to impress anyone you come across during every stage of the job search process–even when you’re not actively searching!

career clarity

Job Search Strategy 

The most effective job search plan is one that’s easy to execute and focused on the exact places to find a role that matches your passions. Depending on your package, you’ll learn my research tricks to find jobs you wouldn’t discover without our search strings. Plus, I’ll craft key messages so you can proactively reach out to recruiters and hiring managers to land more interviews.


Elevator Pitch 

You never know when you’ll meet the next person with a lead to your dream job. Are you ready to answer the “What do you do?” question? We’ll work together to craft you the perfect introduction that quickly shares your expertise and leaves the listener wanting more. With practice, you’ll be ready to deliver your pitch with ease, whether your meeting is planned, or a random conversation…in an elevator!


Industry Networking 

The thought of networking can make people feel nervous, but with your career story and elevator pitch now firmly in place, you’ve got it covered. That wasn’t so bad, right? I’m here to simplify the process, reduce the pressure, and build your confidence. Networking isn’t only about meeting new people, so I’ll show you how to get started by tapping into your existing connections. Easy peasy!

interview preparation

Interview Preparation

Get ready for callbacks! Once you’ve built a strong career story and are getting interviews, it’s time to practice your interview skills. Using mock interviews, you’ll prepare to share your career highlights and tackle tough questions. I’ll also tailor our practice to specific jobs so you’ll be free from nerves, allowing your authentic self to shine through like we know it can.

salary negotiation

Salary Negotiation 

Salary negotiations can be an intimidating part of the job search process. That’s why I’ll use research and industry insights to understand the market value for the position you’re offered. Using your magic number, we’ll determine a salary range to make sure you know your worth. Everything else will follow suit. Together we’ll practice maneuvering the conversation with confidence without risking your offer.

accountability partner

Accountability Partner

Our sessions are the time to get your questions answered, an energy boost, and where I’ll guide you through the job search process. If you’re looking for more accountability and support between sessions, my gold package gives you daily access via email/text. Mindset matters most during the job search process, so I’ll help you every step of the way.

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