Career Coaching Services

You’re going through a career transition. 

You’re feeling lost and unsure about this new shift in your career.
Left wondering how to tell the right story about your experience, you need guidance so you can land the perfect-for-you job.
Running through your head are thoughts like:
Maybe I don’t have enough experience yet, and I need to stay where I am a little longer.
Changing careers seems like I would start from ground zero, I’m not sure where to begin. Maybe this isn’t practical.
Why aren’t I passing interviews if I have the right experience and education? Where am I going wrong?
Working with a Career Coach is the best career decision for you if:
You see an end goal in sight, but you’re unclear how to get there and you need practical steps to end the overwhelm.
You want the insider skills of a career coach to brand your resume, LinkedIn and cover letter so they speak for you and open up new doors.
You’re not sure if you have what it takes to make the next move and need someone to help you uncover the unique talents you’ve been taking for granted.
You’re making a career transition, recently moved to Canada or are a new grad, and you need help to reframe your experience to show how it applies to your future career goal.
You’re worried about the interview process, and it’s blocking you from making your next career move.
meet your career coach
That’s where I come in.
With over 15 years experience in Human Resources, specializing in Talent Acquisition, with Home Depot and CIBC to mid-sized organizations and boutique companies, I’ve honed my career coaching skills by working with a wide network of clients and positions.
I’ve even got the LinkedIn testimonials to back it up (and I’ll show you how to get them, too).

Jen is a true career savant. She is highly skilled in her field, able to jump into the deep end of an individual’s professional spectrum and build out a usable, visually stunning platform for job searching. I have been looking for a new role for months with very little traction. I was at my wit’s end, when I learned that Jen was a skilled resume writer. She was able to take my broken resume and build it into a work of art in a matter of hours. I have been getting 10-20 inquiries from employers a week since I started using my new resume. I highly recommend utilizing Jen’s resume writing acumen if you are having trouble getting noticed. You won’t be disappointed!


My career has always been focused on helping people find theirs. We’ll walk through my proven process for gaining career clarity, building your career story, and a LinkedIn profile that turns heads.
Together we’ll get you ready to answer the dreaded “Tell me about yourself” question and share your elevator pitch with ease.
You’ll have guidance through every step of your job search process so you’re not only presenting well online and on paper, you’ll also impress in person.

The result?

A new job that suits the person you are today, and a salary to match.

So, if you’re ready to make this transition the best part of your career journey, explore our career packages and then book a call to discuss your options.


4 Virtual Sessions
Resume Makeover
Cover Letter
LinkedIn Makeover


7 Virtual Sessions
Resume Makeover
Cover Letter
Linkedin Makeover
Career Guidance
Job Search Strategy


10 Virtual Sessions
Career Guidance
Career Story
Resume Makeover
Cover Letter
Linkedin Makeover
Job Search Strategy & Execution
Elevator Pitch
Interview Preparation
Salary Negotiation
Accountability Partner (unlimited email/text access between sessions)

As a recent graduate looking for my first job, Jen was beyond helpful in guiding me through crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, directing me to the right websites and places to hunt for job positions as well as preparing me for interviews! I ended up getting offers from every company I interviewed for and am so incredibly happy with the job I have today. Jen is an amazing career coach, I HIGHLY recommend!